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        German Freeyi GmbH was founded by wife Xiaoli He and husband Yanbin Mo in 2017, Xiaoli He is the manager and legal representative. Before setting up FreeYI GmbH, the couple founded and successfully operated a business in China for 17 years, with rich experience in market development and company operation and management. The Chinese company is mainly engaged in the production, sales and import and export trade of printing and packaging, gift packaging, household products, daily care, beauty and cosmetics industries. FreeYI GmbH is mainly engaged in printing and gift packaging, household products, outdoor products and other industries import and export trade and sales. The AdelDream brand has been established since 2019 with the goal of making high-quality daily household items available to all families. Since the establishment of AdelDream brand, we have been in the design and development of affordable and functional products, organic environmental products is the future trend of social development, but also the focus of our future product development direction. To help consumers decorate a warm home, while creating order for consumers in the room, which also makes consumers' life easier and more comfortable.

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